An Architecture Firm’s Take on a Company Christmas Party. Ugly Christmas Sweaters, Vintage White Elephant Gifts, and Much More.

Sixthriver Architects is a laid back fun loving group and this year our firm decided to have an ugly Christmas sweater themed holiday party.  To sweeten the pot, we included a vintage white elephant gift exchange.

Being an architectural and interior design firm our employees let their creative minds go to work on this challenge.  Everything from argyle to over the top sparkles, bells, and even lop sided antlers filled the room. 

Anthony’s sweater reflecting gold embroidery, stockings, pearls and bells was the ultimate ugly Christmas apparel during the annual Sixthriver Architects holiday party.

Anthony's Ugly Christmas Vest

Anthony Chambliss' Ugly Christmas Vest

 Kirk Kaszynski rocked the 80′s traditional Christmas sweater which had a very striking resemblance to Chevy Chase’s Christmas sweater in National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, paired with his wife who took us back to our first grade elementary teachers with the colorful Christmas patch vest. 

Chevy Chase - Christmas Vacation - Christmas Sweater

Chevy Chase - Christmas Vacation - Christmas Sweater

Kirk & Holly Kaszynski's Sweaters from Christmas Past

Kirk & Holly Kaszynski's Sweaters from Christmas Past

The Hagler family took the traditional route with matching argyle sweaters.  I believe this is a perfect Christmas card moment. 

The Hagler Family - A Christmas filled with Argile

The Hagler Family - A Christmas filled with argyle

 More Christmas sweaters that took us back and brought holiday cheer to this year’s Sixthriver Architects holiday party.

Stephanie Guariglia & Bethany Weigl

Stephanie Guariglia and Bethany Weigl

Holly Wilcox - Bright Stripes & Sequined Christmas Bells

Holly Wilcox - Bright stripes and sequined Christmas bells

Callie Driskill - Christmas Vest with Bells & Ribbon

Callie Driskill - Christmas vest with bells and ribbon

Paige Neagle & Katarina Villasenor

Paige Neagle and Katarina Villasenor

Nina Wilson - Reindeer Antlers

Nina Wilson - Reindeer antlers

Chris & Kacy Dolce - Christmas Party Hosts

Chris and Kacy Dolce - Sixthriver Architects holiday party hosts

 The creativity didn’t stop with the tacky sweaters!  From a porcelain egg to a vintage coffee mug, Sixthriver Architects employees put a lot of thought into their vintage white elephant gifts.  During the exchange gifts were being stolen left and right.   Just when you thought you had what you wanted…it was gone in a flash by one of your fellow coworkers.

The Holly Hobbie lunch box was a big hit and was stolen a couple of times but eventually made a home with Holly Wilcox who collects Holly Hobbie.

Holly Hobbie - Lunch Box

Holly Hobbie - Lunch Box

 The Frank Loyd Wright-Book of Drawings was a huge hit among the architects and designers, but eventually made a home with Nina Wilson who joined our team this past year as an intern architect.

Frank Loyd Wright - Book of Drawings

Frank Loyd Wright - book of drawings

Gifted to Kirk Kaszynski was an assortment of old records including Kenny Rogers, The Oak Ridge Boys, John Denver, and many more. 

Kirk Kaszynski - AKA Kenny Rogers

Kirk Kaszynski - A.K.A. Kenny Rogers

Gifted to Bethany Weigl was a hand-crafted rose Christmas ornament that was made by Chris Dolce’s grandmother out of an old metal can top.

Hand Crafted Metal Rose Christmas Ornament

Hand-crafted metal rose christmas ornament

Sixthriver ArchitectsVintage White Elephant Gifts 

2010 Vintage White Elephant Gift Exchange

2010 Vintage White Elephant Gift Exchange

A great theme, a creative take on a gift exchange, great Texas weather, and wonderful food and company, made our company holiday party unique and  entertaining!

  • Becky

    Love it! Several great theme ideas combined successfully into what looks like a really fun party!

  • Angelica

    It’s good to know that they are all enjoying during their Christmas party. I love the way how people cooperate with each other especially when it comes to work. Cooperation is really the key in architectural firm.